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What is all about? is a community of writers who meet online to read, write, and critique each other's work. The goal of the site is to help you grow and improve as a writer. Whether your preference is poetry, fiction, or something else, there are like minded members.

Some of the features penWrights offers include various forums for general as well as writing specific topics. Members can send private messages to one and other within the site to keep in touch. A community chat room is available for instant feedback and help.

Post pictures of yourself or whatever you like and customize your profile to create a personalized identity! Keep track of your work with revisions and history! You can even skin itself to look however you want! This is your site!!!

Some Stats About

Total Signups: 1,644
Total Submissions: 4,870
Total Critiques: 26,389
Total Forum Topics: 8,375
New Members This Month: 0

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